Welcome to Equity Breakdown!

Our goal is to break down a company in its simple facts!

💡What will you learn in an Equity Breakdown Report?

  1. What is the company?

  2. Market Opportunity

  3. What are the strategic resources?

  4. Key Moats

  5. Critical Risks

  6. Team DNA and Vision

  7. Key Insights for Time Investors

Your competitive advantage will be the strategic asset framework that I am building which focuses on three key steps:

  1. An inventory of strategic assets, characteristics, and value in their industry.

  2. Identify the strategies management is taking to mitigate risks associated with strategic assets.

  3. Track the company’s value by outlining how the strategic resources are deployed.

The investment framework proposed will break down the true narratives of companies in disruptive industries and allows us to make decisions on a company’s potential role in the future.

Equity Breakdown will deliver no bullshit overviews and ultimately reveal the critical assets of companies through deep research in simple, short, and digestible forms.

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